We tell stories


We are J.R. and Ali Richards, the team behind Wander Media, an independent production company specializing in stories about food, travel, and the great outdoors. Over the past fifteen years we’ve produced a wide range of media: television series about winemakers and chefs; documentary films about whiskey and beer; web series about wildlife and conservation; and a host of commercial projects ranging from gold mining to organic farming to CBD. We’re curious. While the production side can be complex, the mission is always simple: set out with a question, and let the road take you where it will. 

Wander Media is the parent company of our various television and film projects, so feel free to wander around our site to get a feel for the entire scope of what we do. 

In addition to our core focus of original travel and nature television series, we offer attainable, high quality video production for a wide range of clients. To learn more about what makes us tick, check out the links below. 

All who wander are not lost. That’s pretty much our motto!

J.R. Richards

Ali H. Richards